R&D and Innovation

As a leader in the development of innovative products, the Group currently possesses an experienced R&D team comprising approximately 100 members, which cooperates closely with surgeons, hospitals (especially Class III hospitals), first class university research centers and other research institutions. As at December 31, 2015, the Group has obtained 109 patents, including 13 in the area of regenerative medical biomaterial products, 46 for advanced infusion set products and 50 for orthopedic implant products. Further, the Group has 39 ongoing applications for new patents. The Group will continue to invest in product innovation and R&D to maintain and reinforce its leading position in the industry.


In order to fully seize the opportunities in medical device markets, the Group will continue to broaden its product portfolio by strengthening its R&D efforts and seeking opportunities of expansion into new businesses through merger and acquisition.


For Regenerative Medical Biomaterial Business, as a top player in the field of artificial dura mater in China, which is a key regenerative medical biomaterial product line, the Group has committed to increasing R&D investment, improving innovation capability, promoting industrialization and technological enhancement. In 2015, the Group successfully launched the anti-adhesion membrane for tendon and ligament, which has high market potential in the field of hand surgery, especially for trauma surgeries and sport injury treatments. The clinical trials of the oral cavity repair membrane and the second generation of artificial dura mater have been making noteworthy progress during the year ended December 31, 2015 and are both expected to be completed during the year of 2016. It is expected that the oral cavity repair membrane will expand the application of the Group’s regenerative medical biomaterial products into new areas of oral and maxillofacial surgery. The second generation of artificial dura mater is expected to bring more benefits to the patients and meanwhile further reinforce our leadership in the fields of craniotomy operations and neurosurgery. The development of a number of new regenerative biomaterial products for different new areas, such as ophthalmology, oral surgery and orthopedic surgery, also had positive progress in 2015. We expect to start the clinical trials for the development of some of these new products in 2016. In addition, we also started the distribution of state-of-the-art interventional neurosurgery products in the later half of 2015 to provide better services and a total solution to the physicians and patients. Meanwhile, we also start to extend our production lines to the area of beauty products, applying our quality control experience in the medical device industry to its production and management.


With regard to the Infusion Set Business, the Group has been developing a series of new products so as to provide safer and more accountable devices for infusion therapy and further strengthen our leading position in the market of advanced infusion medical devices. On one hand, we are working on adding a series of new features and functions to our existing comprehensive non-PVC-based infusion sets and precision filter infusion sets to enhance safety as well as nurses’ and patients’ usage experiences. On the other hand, we have also been accelerating the registration and launch of other brand new products other than infusion sets. In July 2016, we have obtained the product registration for disposable intravenous cannula, which would allow us to provide a more comprehensive product portfolio for infusion therapy.